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Varicella is an acute viral disease that begins with acute low fever and results in itching and rashes all over the body.

1. Reason

The varicella virus can be transmitted from person to person by direct contact with droplets or blister fluid on skin lesion.

2. Symptom

Common symptoms include rashes, fever, headaches and loss of appetite. The rash usually starts from the head and torso, and appears on the face, arms and legs, causing 200-500 itchy blisters. The blisters disappear with the presence of scab.

3. Preventive Method

Vaccination is necessary to prevent the disease.
In fact, there are very few side effects after vaccination.
The most common side effects are pain, rash or swelling in the injected area and fever and chickenpox-like rashes for the entire body.

4. Vaccination Guide

  • Vaccine type : Sky Varicella Inj.
  • Number of injections : Once in total