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  • Outpatient Services (Jongno) : +82-2-590-1111    ARS #5 → #1
  • Outpatient Services (Gangnam) : +82-2-590-1111    ARS #5 → #2
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Outpatient Services

1. Internal medicine-Endocrinology, gastrointestinal medicine

2. Obstetrics and Gynecology

3. Family Medicine

4. Radiology

Procedure for Issuing Certificates

Apply -> Write a certificate -> Issue a certificate after payment

1) Required Documents

Patient Family Delegate
ID Patient’s ID or its copy
Applicant’s ID or its copy
Family relation certificate
Consent form singed by the patient
Patient’s ID or its copy
Applicant’s ID or its copy
Consent form singed by the patient
Letter of attorney singed by the patient

2) Cost

  • Medical Certificate: 15,000 won
  • Doctor’s Note: 5,000 won
  • First Medical Examination Note: 1,000 won

* According to Article 17 of the Medical Service Act, no person may prepare and issue or deliver a medical certificate or a report of postmortem examination to patients unless he/she is a physician, dentist or oriental medical doctor, who provides medical service and has given the medical treatment or administered the postmortem examinations by him/herself.

Infusion of Nutrient (Jongno/Gangnam Center)

1) Target: Chronic fatigue, hangover cure, muscle pain, neuralgia, antioxidant, whitening, immune improvement, metabolic enhancement

2) Guide of Influsion Solution

Individual treatment + highly concentrated mixed nutrition + short treatment time + quick treatment effect

Type Course Efficacy
Basic Body ache Body ache
Gastritis Gastritis
Enteritis Enteritis
Drinking Drinking
Dizziness Dizziness
ABC Therapy A Garlic Injection Fatigue Recovery, Hangover Relief, Anti-Aging, Neuralgia
B Licorice Injection Detoxification, Feebleness, Poor Appetite
C Cinderella Injection Improved Blood Circulation, Antioxidant, Active Oxygen Removal
Special Myers Cocktail Chronic Fatigue, Allergic Rhinitis
Mega Vitamin Injection Pain, Inflammation, Cold, Edema
Mineral Injection Better Immunity, Energy Metabolism
Cold Cocktail Respiratory Diseases
ATP Nucleic Acid Injection Restored Energy
Vitamin D Injection Bone Health, Vitamin D Deficiency
White Jade Injection Whitening, Detoxification, Antioxidant
Cinderella Injection Anti-Aging, Fat Reduction
Placenta Injection Detoxification, Fatigue Recovery

Obesity Clinic (Jongro Center)

  • Obesity drug therapy
  • Obesity injection therapy (Saxenda)

Pain Clinic (Gangnam Center)

Typical pain: Headache, stiff neck and shoulder, waist, pelvic pain, knee dull pain, joint pain, chronic fatigue

Stiff Shoulders / Pelvic Pain / Knee Dull Pain