Our symbol is the most important element that shows images of the Hanaro Medical Foundation both internally and externally, so the original data must be used.

Minimum Regulations on Symbol Use

The symbol shall not be smaller than 9mm to prevent distortions or degraded visibility.

1. Shape

  • Renewal of CI in 2015 - for the new leap by refining the logo and giving color and meaning to existing emblem
  • The round circle symbolizes the Earth to show the Hanaro Medical Foundation that moves to the world.
  • The wave-shaped green motif that meets with a giant red circle (showing blood) represents our new leap to the world as a professional institution to accurately diagnose our patients’ health conditions and further prevent diseases.

2. Color

  • Maintaining red and green, which have been used by the Foundation
  • Red that reminds us of blood is a vivid and lively color like blood going through every corner of the human body. It also stands for the Sun to show the passion, spirit, and new future of Hanaro Medical Foundation.
  • Green is a nature color and symbolizes hope for a healthy life based on comfort and stability.

How to Draw Symbol

To make a new leap forward in 2015, we redesigned our symbol with the core value of “Evidence base medicine” based on our promise “National Health Promotion” that has been kept since 1983. The green waves combining with the huge red circle (blood) stand for cooperation and consideration, representing our new jump to the world as a professional medical center to accurately diagnose our patients’ health conditions and prevent diseases. And the logotype was upgraded through modification of the existing emblem and systematization of color, font, and utilization as the Hanaro Medical Foundation followed the medical trend by separating the medical diagnosis and treatment for the first time in Korea.

Logo Type

Our Logo Type consists of Korean and English characters which are arranged horizontally. The logotype can be adjusted according to the layouts of applicable media. When using the logotype, is not possible to change the proportion, spacing, or size of each element and the color shall comply with the specified color regulations.