Test Subject and Item

Program Subject Test Items Price Precaution
Gastric Cancer Persons at the age of 40 years or older / Biennially Upper Gastrointestinal Series or Gastroscopy (Select one) NHIS(90%), the examinee(10%)
Colon Cancer Persons at the age of 50 years or older who develop abnormal findings on stool guaiac tests Colon study or Colonoscopy after a stool guaiac test (Select one) fully covered by NHIS
Liver Cancer Persons at the age of 40 years or older who have a chronic liver disease caused by hepatic metamorphosis, hepatitis B benign antigen, hepatitis C benign antibody, or hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus Liver Ultrasound, Alpha-fetoprotein Test NHIS(90%), the examinee(10%)
Breast Cancer Women at the age of 40 years or older / Biennially Mammography NHIS(90%), the examinee(10%)
Uterine Cancer Women at the age of 20 years or older / Biennially Pap Test Fully covered by NHIS Those who have a hysterectomy or have no sexual experience shall consult a doctor in advance.


  • By the end of December of the year


  • The insurance cost established by the NHS for the year

Checkup Result Notification

  • A notification of the checkup result will be sent from the institution to the subscriber/company in fifteen days from the completion of the checkup.


  • Maintain an empty stomach for 8 hours before examining Gastric Cancer, Liver Cancer. (Do not eat any food, the checkup will be unavailable if food remains in the stomach.)
  • Make a reservation for a colon study or colonoscopy.

Reservation Hours

  • Morning : Before 11am
  • Afternoon : Before 4pm
  • Only morning for Saturday (Closed for Sunday and Holidays)