Lower Abdominal (Pelvic) Ultrasound

  • Exam. Time :5~10 mins
  • Price :70,000 won

An examination to diagnose organic diseases around the pelvis, including uteruses and ovaries, prostates, and bladders and rectums, which takes about 10- 15 minutes.

1. Precaution

  • For women, the pelvic ultrasonography can only be conducted when the bladder is full, so defecate early in the morning, and drink at least 500ml of water from two to three hours prior to the examination and hold your urine. (Do not drink milk or carbonated drinks such as coke).
  • If you need to have colonoscopy or a urine test as well on the day of examination, you must have an ultrasound first.

2. Recommended Target for Pelvic Ultrasonography

  • Those whose immediate family has ovarian cancer
  • Those who medicated medicine for pregnancy
  • Those who have taken estrogen after menopause (more than 5 years)
  • Those who have had breast cancer
  • Those who are obese, smoke and eat saturated fat a lot

3. Advantages of Pelvic Ultrasonography

  • Measurement of the size of an ovary
  • Discovery of a small mass of about 1 cm
  • Determination of ovarian cancer by distinguishing cysts and lumps