Breast Ultrasound

  • Exam. Time :5~10 mins
  • Price :100,000 won

Breast ultrasound is effective for detecting lesions in women under 30 years or in women with dense breasts, and this technique is useful to distinguish the internal components of breast mass, so breast cysts and fibroadenomas can be easily identified.

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This is a useful diagnostic method when the breast tissue is too dense to observe a lump with mammography.
With this method, 90-99 percent of breast cysts can be certainly diagnosed.

In addition, for taking a biopsy of an untouchable mass to confirm the diagnosis of cancer, the method is necessary as the examination can be conducted while observing the mass in real time. The breast ultrasound can distinguish malignant and benign tumors by 60-80%. If there is a possibility of a malignant tumor, a biopsy is required. If not, the follow-up test shall be done for once every six months/one year or 2 years.

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