Women Program

A test program that focuses on female special organs and their frequent illnesses

  • Exam. Time :Over 2 hours
  • Price :400,000 won
  • I have unusual symptoms in my female organs.
  • I have a family history of woman's diseases.
  • I am 30 years or older.

Details of Women Program

Program Test Items Relevant Diseases and Description
Health Questionnaire Consultation Medical History and Physical Status Examination
Ultrasound Pelvic Ultrasound Uterine, Ovarian & Oviducal Diseases
Breast Ultrasound Breast Nodule, Breast Cyst, Breast Cancer, Mastitis
Bone Density Bone Density Reduced Bone Mass, Osteoporosis
Breast Breast X-ray Breast Cancer, Fibroadenoma, Cystic Changes, Calcification
Uterine & Ovarian Diseases Liquid Cytotechnology Cervical Cancer
ROMA Score Ovarian Cancer
AMH Ovarian Reserve Capacity Test, Indicators of Ovarian Aging Indicators, Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Determination of Menopause
Syphilis Syphilis Response Test Syphilis Infection Status
Hormone E2, FSH Female Hormone Deficiency, Age-Related, & Female Hormone Disease