MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

  • Exam. Time :30 mins
  • Price :MRI 350,000 won / MRA 350,000 won / MRI+MRA 600,000 won

MRI provides multiple layers of the side and longitudinal plane of a human body based on the interaction of the magnetic field and radiation wave from a specific nucleus in the body. MRI is useful for recognizing various types of tissue, such as cancer and organs, to distinguish normal, benign, and malignant tumors, and to check the disease stage or metastasis. It is useful for examining the brain, spinal cord, breast, musculoskeletal system, abdominal organs, etc. but not for screening the moving organs such as lungs, stomach, and colon.

figure. MRI

1. Advantages of MRI

  • High resolutions for brain tissues compared to CT
  • No exposure to radiation
  • No special preparations for the examination
  • Possibility of screening test for cerebral nerve diseases

2. Diseases detected by MRI

Ischemic Cerebral Infarction, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Cerebrovascular malformation such as stenosis aneurysm caused by the arteriosclerosis of cerebral arteries and carotid arteries, Brain Tumor, Encephalitic Diseases, Cerebral Leukemia Diseases, Degenerative Cerebrospathia, Congenital Cerebropathia, and Brain Trauma

3. Recommended Target

  • Those who have experienced symptoms suspected to brain diseases (aphasia, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, slurred speech, balance disorders, etc.)
  • Those who are over 65 years
  • Those who have a family history of brain disease
  • Those who have risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and smoking

4. Medical Checkup Process

  • Exam. Time : About 15 -30 mins
  • Exam. Method : Lie motionless in the enclosed space.
  • Precaution : If you have psychiatric symptoms such as claustrophobia, panic disorder, anxiety and fear, consult a specialist before the examination.
  • Examination not possible : those who have various types of metal medical devices on the body or metallic fragments in the body.
  • Note : Do not wear metallic accessories such as hearing aids, dentures, hairpins, belts, watches, keys, wallets, cards, and mobile phones to prevent an interference with the examination.
  • Examination result : A notification of the checkup result will be sent in 2-7 days from the completion of the checkup after a reading process by a radiologist.