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Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is an infection of the brain caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus. As there is no special treatment for this disease, prevention is the best cure.

1. Reason

This is transmitted by getting bitten by Culex tritaeniorhynchus with the Japanese encephalitis virus.

2. Symptom

Approximately 1 out of 250 infected people have clinical symptoms, which can develop mild fever or viral meningitis, and rarely even encephalitis. The encephalitis has a fatality rate of about 30 percent.

3. Preventive Method

Vaccination can prevent the disease. In fact, there are very few side effects after vaccination. The most common side effects are pain and swelling in the injected area, fever and rashes, and rarely central nervous system abnormality.

4. Vaccination Guide

  • Subject to vaccination : All children (at the age of 12-15 months)
  • Vaccine type : Imojev Injection - Sanofi-Aventis Korea
  • Number of injections : Once in total